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April 14, 2011

The Society for Migration Studies (SMS) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Pakistan . The SMS was founded in 2010 and since then has developed two research centers i.e. “Centre for Ethnic & Migration Studies” and “The Punjab Resource Centre”.

The Punjab Resource Centre (PRC) is a research and resource center of the Society and aims to collect and compile the primary and secondary data published or unpublished manuscripts on the history, culture and politics of the greater Punjab from around the world.

The Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies (CEMS) is the other research center of the Socity which aims to undertake research projects on migration related themes.

Intl. Journal for “Refugee & Migration Research (RMR)” would be the first journal by our organization to be published in 2012. It aims to facilitate and publish research work and to provide a platform to university students, independent researchers and policy makers working on the ethnic, racial, communal, refugee and migration related issues globally.

The SMS aims to connect people examining any facet of migration and cultural pluralism and build dialogue and relationships across disciplines and affiliations by organizing forums for socializing, resource and information sharing, and research support.  


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Chairman's Message

April 14, 2011

We welcome you to the website of the Society for Migration Studies (SMS)

The mission of SMS is to conduct high quality research in order to develop theory and knowledge, and engage users of research within the field of refugee and migration related studies which is a highly under-researched area in our part of the world.

We , at the SMS are doing our best to facilitate both the indigenous and foreign scholars working on the issues related to the objectives of our organization. We are proud to announce that the SMS has been included in the list of 27 International Forced Migration Centres /research institutes by the Refugee Study Centre (RSC) at Oxford University , UK .

The SMS is all set to publish the first ever International Journal for “Refugee & Migration Research (RMR)” from Pakistan in 2012. The Editorial Advisory Board consists of internationally acclaimed scholars and academics associated with the highly esteemed institutions renowned for the quality of their research work on refugees and migration studies.

We at the SMS will make every effort to carry out our mission to orientate and acquaint the young students about the importance and relevance of research in the field of refugee and migration studies with the help of our research centres and publications. In this endeavor, we would appreciate more public interest and support.

Raja Adnan Razzaq



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The SMS is an independent, interdisciplinary and internationally engaged centre of excellence for research and teaching that shapes global discourse on human mobility, development and social transformation. Through research, teaching and outreach, the SMS is a regional leade for refugee and migration studies with acadamic and research partnerships around the world.

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